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A Bespoke Change of Name Deed for an Adult Drafted by a Solicitor. Click for details.

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The Service

This service obtains information from you to enables us to prepare a Change of Name Deed. The deeds we provide meet the requirements for entry into the Register of the Senior Courts of England and Wales – known as ‘Deed Poll’.

Registration of your deed is not included in this service. People very rarely register because of the Court fee. Most organisations checking your ID do not require registration, including banks and Government agencies. Indeed, registration is not a legal requirement. However, preparing the deed with the more detailed information required for registration presents a modern official document.

Deed Poll is only available to you if you are a Commonwealth Citizen not permanently resident outside the UK. However, change of name is a human right under Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights (right to a private and family life) which is law in the UK under the Human Rights Act 1998. Accordingly if you are not a Commonwealth Citizen or you are permanently resident outside the UK we can prepare a deed for you but you will not be able to register your change of name.

We will provide a change of name deed in the form of a PDF document you can print to your own paper. This will need to be signed by you in the presence of your witnesses.

Our fee covers our administrative work in providing a convenient online service with the back-up of one email exchange for advice on the deed or an issue related to its use.  For professional reasons in some cases we may telephone you to check your requirements.

Additional Services

Please contact us by email if you:

  • require change of name deeds for any children (under 18)
  • are 16 or over and married (or in a civil partnership) and you wish to change your name
  • you require us to register your deed with the Senior Courts (Deed Poll)

Proportionate fees apply.

What you will receive

You will receive a download of a PDF document with:

  • clear instructions and information
  • a link to a very short and simple online new client questionnaire
  • an online questionnaire requesting the further information needed to prepare your deed
  • regulatory information
  • a copy of our Terms of Business

This document is also available for download in your ‘Account’ page. You will be required to register for an account prior to purchase and this will give you access to your download.  The registration process asks for name, address, telephone and email details.

When we have prepared your deed we will email it to you in PDF format.

Payment method and your obligation to pay

Online payment or direct bank transfer are the preferred methods of payment for this service. Your obligation to pay arises when we receive notification of cleared payment in full or in part. The fee for the described service is fixed.


This service is aimed at customers who use I.T. and have an email address, an internet connection and/or a smartphone.  If this is not for you please telephone 020 3375 3971 at your convenience.

If you are in receipt of means tested social security benefits or if you are on a low income you may be entitled to free or reduced fee help with our Access-to-Justice service. Please telephone if you think you may qualify.

Our Terms of Business and in particular those under the heading “Agreed Fixed Fees” supplement the above. You will have the opportunity of reading these prior to purchase.


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